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Mass Ress Inc.
- is a fairly new Alliance guild on Kul Tiras [EU] founded on the 10th of March 2012. It was started by former officers from other guilds with the ambition to make Mass Ress Inc not only a guild with a great name but also a guild where we can enjoy the game in a social and friendly atmosphere.

Many of the people in this guild are raiders, but we want people to stay for fun and not for progress. With that said, we want this guild to be a “social guild with casual raiding” for people to enjoy all the social aspects of the game and to be able to raid in a relaxed and friendly environment. A little about raiding with Mass Ress Inc is found in the public Raid Info and in the raid forums (members only).

In Mass Ress Inc everyone counts, we work as a team and encourage new ideas to make the “playtime” fun and rewarding. Killing bosses is fun, chasing achievements is fun and helping each other out when needed is fun (sort of). In short, doing stuff together with people you like, is what keeps us in the game.

We encourage all those fun, crazy and sometimes a bit stupid stunts that you get when you are surrounded by intelligent, mature and humorous people. 

We are now opening the rosters for recruitment of active, social and mature players that can cheer the guild chat up and players with the ambition to strengthen our raid teams. If you feel that you want to join Mass Ress Inc, add your application in the recruitment forum .

Welcome to Mass Ress Inc.

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