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Jack Hart / Shand
PostPosted: Thu May 18, 2017 7:48    Post subject: Krosus Heroic

Just one more slam....

After defeating Trilliax we now stood with a major problem, which boss to take and what can we do. Since we were lacking a bit of dps meant that more or less all fights from now on was almost impossible to defeat. So since we had to struggle no matter what then we choose one of the easier tier bosses Krosus.

And true enough we had to struggle alot. Not because of the dps at the start, but because of his high dmg abilities and enviroment. Took us a while of blinking over the edge, melee/tanks not running fast enough from the bridge breaking slam, killing adds fast enough (were not able to soak all flame patches) and not play DBZ with the beams that we finally got into the real problem, the lack of dps.

On our best attempts with no dead or 1 dead at the end we managed to get him all the way down to 6-8% before he destroyed the bridge. We could see from these attempts that we literal had a 0 room for mistakes, so everything had to be done perfectly to even stand a chance of killing him. After a few weeks of attempts + more gear from the first 3 bosses and normal mode, we finally saw a glimmer of hope. We managed to get him down to around 2-3% with 1 person dead since the mid 3rd part of the bridge. After a few more attempts we finally reached the point where we killed him, but it was really close just one more slam and we would have been killed. But luckily we managed to beat him a few seconds before he used it.

We knew that even though we had killed Krosus it wouldn't be any easier to kill the other bosses as we would have the same problem on them with lack of dps and 0 room for mistakes. But before that we went through other problems.