When adventuring in Azeroth we sometimes feel our adventures are worth to be captured on video, like when we (un)successfully stormed Orgrimmar or when we faced Deathwing’s reign of terror. In this section we have gathered some of the Cataclysm Mass Ress Inc videos and we hope to bring you more of the Pandarian ones in short time.

There are plenty more on You Tube , including many of the full length raid videos.

Our first Garrosh kill

After some weeks of practice we finally got him down. We came unprepared, on purpose, with only a few that had a LFR kill before. An adventure, almost like in the old days, with many different tacts tried before we decided to go with the first one again. It paid off and we got the nerd screams we like so much - one percent... ONE percent... dot... dot...do it... DO IIIIIIT!

Thanks to Rafeal for the amazing job on the video. We heard that she had to stay up all night to find the right music for it but it sure was worth it. 


One year celebration - Birthday in Dragon Soul

No pull timers, no ready checks, no battleresses, no nothing. Just run. Run as fast as you can!
We're a year old, grats us!!



Dragon Soul Heroic - [Heroic: Deathwing Guild Run]

It took over 20 Heroic Morchok to be able to get Spine of Deathwing down, up to the point where you started to hate those damn bloods and the bloody dispelling. After that Deathwing himself was fun and rewarding. Let’s be honest and admit that we really gained from the nerfs for our progress :)



One month celebration of Mass Ress Inc

We meet up at Thunder Ridge with loads of booze and got ourself drunk to boot and stormed Orgrimmar - by foot. To celebrate our first month as a guild we decided to do something grand, something that would make the horde tremble by the mere mentioning of our name. We swept through it like a plague and killed everything in our way. Sort of …



Dragon Soul Normal Guild Run

With the whole raid team intact just changing to a new guild the [Dragon Soul Guild Run] achievement was a walk in the park. For the real nerd screams you should watch this video instead.